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Our business-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies. For years, we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. Most designers come from the "artsy" world and wander into the business world. This creates attitudes that have their clients saying, "My site hasn't been touched for 8 months. 'I can't get my web designer to do anything!' 'They never return my phone calls." The owner of this web design company has had a life long love for art but started in the business world. Doing website and graphic work part time; he left the corporate world and started his own business at the age of 45. His award winning business ethics followed him. If you are serious about your web success, we can get you there. Strategic thinking, personal attention, competitive prices, real world results - discover the SCB difference.

Along with continuing with the new trends, we have learned a lot from experience, and good, solid reliable sites do not always change with the 'trend' necessarily, but tend to reflect the 'persona' of the company. And in the owner's opinion, that's what a good web site creator looks for. While advising the client as to what will work for his market; and at the same time, reproducing the personality.

A good site portrays the information and image of an individual or the company. This should be done efficiently and smoothly, without causing the need for someone to sift through endless amounts of graphics and text, to find the information they want. That's not to say the site has to be 'simple' by any means. But rather, the use of graphics and elaborate design should always enhance what is being said - and not there just for the sake of it, which would otherwise cause lengthier times for someone to get the information they require and also leave them wondering 'why?' and ultimately leaving the site. We create sites to a high standard and listen carefully to what clients have in mind for a website. We work closely with the client and always aim to develop a flexible relationship through open and relaxed consultations. The process of designing your site is an ongoing task which may require many re-evaluations and rethinks along the way. We consider it our job to put your vision on the web. We believe we can do that through combining good communication with the design process we use.

We are not after a one time fix for you and then walk away. Almost 100% of our business comes from referrals and relationships. Our desire is to maintain a lengthy relationship with our clients. Many of our clients start off with internet exposure with a small 3 page web site and as their company grows, we walk beside them with their internet needs. The logo we have came with a slogan; "Linking the World 2gether 1 Site @ a Time." As we watch the internet develop, we advise our clients to move with it. But most of all, we work with our client's budget and produce the best site we can for them. It's even easier for us to say, "What's your budget and we can work with it?" We would rather do this, than see a customer walk away to find a less qualifying design company. This is how we work off referrals. And one more thing - when you call, a real person will answer the phone or get right back to you. We pride ourselves with human relationship, not an answering service.

We are members of Chambers of Commerce.
We are members of the International Webmasters Association.
The owner is listed in the National Who's Who of Executive Professionals.

Give us a call or contact us and your initial meeting will be with the owner of the company. As a matter of fact, he doesn't believe in robotic telephone services, and he'll probably answer the phone himself or call you right back.


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